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The first of these is our NCymru collection.

NCymru Apparel

With this series of shirts, we wanted to celebrate our home away from home, and its passion for performance. The details we selected to represent this are taken from the heritage of NASCAR and seem like a little thing, but when I visited the Hall of Fame, I was struck by this detail on all the older cars. All the older cars have their engine sizes painted on the hood and I wondered why. 

The number started as a boast. In the early 50s, it was sort of an arms race and each driver proudly displayed their engine capacity or horsepower on their cars. In the mid 60’s there were differing NASCAR weight rules based on engine sizes; the weight regulations for a 390 Ford might be different than a 426 Hemi. For example, Richard Petty might use a 404 CI in some races, and a 426 CI in others, based on the track they were racing at. 

The hood was their declaration of their engine size.

In the early 70’s, with the oil crisis, rules changed to limit engine sizes and power, and 1973 was the last year these numbers appeared as part of the livery on the cars.

The shirt design focuses on this detail, linking our passion for detail, taste and performance to our home, now in NC, directly.

There will be others in the collection, but they are limited. If you want one, click through and thank you.

NCymru 426CI T-Shirt
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