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Founder & CEO

Tim’s passion for cars started at an early age seeing a 1968 Lamborghini Espada passing his Dad’s Saab as a 8 year old at home in Wales. It was further cemented by watching Group B rally cars hammer through the forest roads of the RAC Rally and a sagging bookshelf of car magazines and brochures.

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Gaurav “G” Patel’s story begins in the small farming village of Zervavra, in the Northern Indian state of Gujarat. As a child, he was given a plot of land and was told to grow small crops in order to obtain funds for school supplies. This was his first successful business venture.


phillip Marquis

Business Development

Born and raised in the Metro Washington DC area, Phillip developed his penchant for negotiation and sales in the school yard, assembling quite the trade market for anything from baseball cards to spare bicycle parts. Phillip also cultivated his passion for cars in his formative years. Like so many, he was hooked young… riding on phone books in his dad’s ’72 Mustang and collecting Matchbox Porsches.