Why join when you can buy?  It's a great question, and one that we think we have the answer to.

Performance cars are objects of passion, but there is an extremely logical reason why Hwyl makes sense.

More choice, less money.

Let's compare the cost of buying a $250,000 performance car vs joining Hwyl Auto Club. 

Even if you pay cash for the car, it's easy to see how the costs stack against each other.  If you are financing the car, you also have to consider the interest you are paying on the financed amount as well.


It's not just the hard costs that show Hwyl Auto Club is a great financial move. We also have the intangible advantage of a built-in network of like minded members, and a clubhouse you can enjoy at your leisure or for those key meetings to impress a client.  Instead of paying $250,000 for one car, join Hwyl for 6 years.  It will be worth it.