Tim Jones

CEO & Co-Founder

Tim’s passion for cars started at an early age seeing a 1968 Lamborghini Espada passing his Dad’s Saab as a 8 year old at home in Wales. It was further cemented by watching Group B rally cars hammer through the forest roads of the RAC Rally and a sagging bookshelf of car magazines and brochures.

Tim grew up in Mountain Ash in South Wales, and graduated from the University of Wales in Aberystwyth. After joining IBM out of school, he decided that he needed an adventure, so the first flight of his life was to move to the US.  He arrived in Raleigh in October of 1993 and has been here ever since.  He joined Motricity as an early employee, and eventually ran their Product Management group.  He left after their acquisition of Infospace to remain in the Raleigh area.  He joined Digitalsmiths as their Director of Product Management, another Triangle start up that had a successful exit when they were acquired by TiVo.

In 2010, he joined Bandwidth, and was one of the founding team that created Republic Wireless. He lead the product and engineering teams that built the original product.  Republic Wireless has grown to nationally recognized mobile carrier with 9 digit revenues in a short 6 years.  He also lead the Customer Experience discipline for Republic and was responsible for many differentiating initiatives within the company.  

His passion is performance cars. He’s an avid car blogger (you can find his writing at www.drive-pictures.com) and wanted to create a new and differentiated experience for enthusiasts in the Triangle area.

Hwyl Auto Club has been an idea of his for many years, and a meeting with G gave the idea life, and an opportunity to turn his passion into reality.

In his spare time, he loves cooking, cycling, cross fit and watching rugby.  An occasional glass of wine has been known to make an appearance as well.