Well, that year flew past, didn’t it.?  It seems like only yesterday that it was 2017... and now it’s 2019.

The first year of Hwyl being my primary focus was a whirlwind of highs and lows. We got close, but ultimately not close enough to get fully up and running. So over the last couple of months while eating too much turkey and enjoying too much wine, I went back and revisited what happened and asked myself some important questions: What can I change over the next 12 months to make Hwyl a no-brainer for the performance car enthusiast? What can I do to make it better for you and improve the launch approach?

I thought we had some great events last year. The watch evening was a great success, as was the Airstream at Cars and Coffee.  I would love to keep events happening in 2019.

I had a lot of fun dipping my toe into podcasting last year. I’ll be improving that this year, and launching several new designs for shirts and prints as Hwyl gets deeper into 2019.

2019 will be a year of extended networking and connecting with people with the same interests. Performance cars are more popular than ever and there are new exciting models being released all the time. Tapping into that enthusiasm is important.

But, I are going to change it up a little. My goal for 2018 was to get enough folks together to get the space up and running and get cars on the streets.

In 2019, I’m changing the approach to look at getting the cars on the road as soon as possible, and changing the target first cars.

  • With 4 charter members signed, Hwyl gets our first car: the new Aston Martin Vantage, the most beautiful looking new car on the road in my opinion.

  • With 3 more charter/regular members, we get our next car: the McLaren 570S.

  • With 3 more charter/regular members, we start the clubhouse process and add our third car: AMG GT.

I’m also updating the referral option. If you refer someone and they join, seems only fair that you get to drive one of the cars too.

It makes more sense to get the cars on the road, and get people involved in what we are doing with other media. The clubhouse will be a huge part of the club as Hwyl matures, but to start with, let’s get on the road and enjoy these cars. Being able to join and drive straight away will be a much different proposition to increase membership immediately.

2019 will be a watershed year for Hwyl. I hope those of you who have signed up to receive our communications and are thinking about joining will reach out and sign up. It won’t take long before you are driving the Vantage.

Check out the details on the Charter Member page and reach out.

As the 6 Nations rugby approaches and Wales are again contenders for the championship, the feeling is resonating around Wales. It’s all about the passion. The Hwyl. 

I hope everyone reading this is off to a great start to 2019 and I am as invested as ever in making Hwyl Auto Club a fixture of the performance car industry.

Blwyddyn newydd dda