The theme was Leidenschaft, which is the approximate German translation of Hwyl. It means passion, and we wanted, for this inaugural monthly event, to celebrate German performance cars. 


This area has a deep love and technical knowledge of Porsche, with our friends at Road Scholars (who recently won their class at Pebble Beach (that’s a REALLY big deal)), the Porsche Club of America having very strong membership in this area, and being the home of one of the world’s best private Porsche collections,  it seemed appropriate to start with German cars.

The theme of the evening was carried over to the food and wine.  We served up some delicious vorspeilen (appetizers) from the German Grille in Cary, and we had the folks from Winefeed in Raleigh serve up a selection of German wines as well.  The only thing missing was the polka band! That wasn’t happening…  

We held the event at the home of one of our members and the cool mid century modern house provided the perfect backdrop for the cars in the large circular driveway. 


Inside the house, in addition to the food and wine, we had some rare Porsche models and books for our guests to skim and enjoy.  The Singer book, and the rare Le Mans book were just a taste of what our clubhouse will contain, and highlights our deep passion for these incredible cars.  The Lego GT3 RS was a hit.  If you haven’t seen one of these yet, you really should. The engineering that has gone into making that is quite amazing.


With this relaxed setting, we also had Keith, from Original Mind Productions to shoot some of the cars in front of the house, and the event was set for a relaxing evening of conversation about Hwyl, the cars on display and our collective experiences.  (Photos to be posted at a later date)

It was great to hear common experiences shared about trips to Monaco, other grand prix and other cars that the guests had driven.

Fortunately, the earlier rain held off and we had a rare cooler day in NC in August to take our time looking at the cars and talking about them. Looking for the areas you like, listening to them idle and rev, as well as just stepping back and taking them in.  The Germans do make some beautiful cars.


It was interesting to see the differences and similarities between the AMG GT and the Porsche Turbo S.  Hard to pick a winner out of them.  It was just the visual differences. Cranking up the AMG and opening the exhaust baffle made for a great V8 noise to make the neighborhood wonder what the heck we were doing. The Porsche wasn’t quite as loud, but you could feel the power in the noise generated from that flat 6.

This casual and relaxed setting made for a great evening.  Connecting with the cars, sharing the experience and meeting new people is the essence of what Hwyl is about.  

We will be doing more of these types of event in the future, and we look forward to having more cars, and new faces as we grow.  I’m already thinking about a similar event for Italian cars in the future.

A huge thank you to our host for the evening (who designed the house), the folks at Winefeed for the great wine, and the German Grille for the food.  Those potato pancakes and brats were fantastic.

Another event in the books, and another being organized for the near future.

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