As we near the launch of Hwyl Auto Club, we are pleased to announce the addition of another benefit for our members. 

During conversations with charter members and prospects,  many people brought this up as something that they thought would be a tremendous addition to Hwyl.

After looking at the amount of space we need, and running the numbers, this option is really a no-brainer, so we are adding Storage at our facility for our members.

Members can store vehicles at the facility for $350 per month per car, with no contracts and no minimum terms.  Charter members get even more favorable pricing.

Going on vacation and want to make sure your cars are well looked after?  Let us take care of them for you.  Want to buy that new exotic, but don’t have the space? Now you do.

Each car gets a custom car cover, a maintenance schedule and it'll ready for you when you want to pick it up. Detailed and ready to go.  Just let us know when you want it, and we'll do the rest.

We’re really excited to add this for you and hope to see your cars as well as our own at the Hwyl Auto Club.