NCymru 429CI T-Shirt

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NCymru 429CI T-Shirt


The number started as a boast.

In the early 50s, there was sort of a power arms race in NASCAR with each driver proudly displayed their engine capacity or horsepower on their cars.

In the mid 60’s, there were differing NASCAR weight rules based on engine sizes; the weight regulations for a 390 Ford might be different than a 426 Hemi.

And by the 70’s, they were gone, as the fuel crisis mandated a single engine size.

Printed on very high quality cotton on a shirt similar in color to the underlying paint used on the cars, the NCymru collection continues with the 429CI.

With the Hwyl logo on the sleeve tag, it’s an understated and simple declaration of Hwyl in NC. This shirt is available in very limited quantities.

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